Is racial prejudice higher than five years ago?

The annual Mapping Social Cohesion report was released today.

The research shows a very slight drop in the number of people who say they have been a victim of racial abuse in the past 12 months, remaining at around 14% (that’s 1 in 7 people).

It also shows that 44% of people think the level of racial prejudice in Australia is higher now than it was five years ago. All the more reason why All Together Now’s work is needed!

Become an ambassador

Do you know someone who supports cultural diversity in the local community? Nominate them to be a People of Australia Ambassador:

As part of Australia’s new multicultural policy, the Prime Minister has announced the Australian Multicultural Council will appoint 40 People of Australia Ambassadors.

Ambassadors will champion inclusion and provide ‘grass roots’ input to the Australian Multicultural Council and to Government.

Preventing racism using social marketing

Like all not-for-profit organisations, we’re occasionally asked about how we put our mission into practice. Our mission states that:

We aim to eliminate racist behaviour in Australia through innovative, evidence-based and effective social marketing.

Specifically, people want to know about “social marketing”. We define social marketing as the application of commercial marketing principles, tools and technologies to achieve benefits for society.

If we are not born racist how do Australians become racist?

A hot topic on our Facebook page over the past week has been “If we are not born racist how do Australians become racist?”. Some of the answers from our Facebook friends include:

* ignorance
* social conditioning
* fear of the unknown
* learning racism from older family members and others in the community
* the media
* Australian history
* politicians
* lack of leadership

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