Game Changers: Join us in shaping the future of gaming

In a pioneering initiative funded by the Australian Government’s Safe and Together Community Grants Program, ‘Game Changers’ is revolutionising the gaming landscape by placing young people at the forefront of creating safer and more inclusive gaming environments.

Empowering Youth, Transforming Gaming

‘Game Changers’ isn’t just about identifying problems; it’s about fostering solutions. Through an innovative co-design process, gamers and youth are collaborating to develop strategies that address the risks of far-right extremism and online hate within gaming communities. By amplifying gamer-led and youth-led initiatives, the project aims to cultivate environments that champion inclusivity, diversity and respect.

Why is this project crucial?

The significance of ‘Game Changers’ lies in its recognition of the dual nature of gaming. While gaming offers numerous benefits for young people, such as fostering social connections and developing crucial skills, it also presents risks, including exposure to bullying, abuse and extremist ideologies. Recent studies have highlighted the prevalence of violent or hateful content within online gaming spaces, emphasising the urgent need for intervention.

Shaping a Positive Future

At its core, ‘Game Changers’ seeks to empower young people to become agents of change within their gaming communities. By equipping them with the tools, resources and support necessary to enact meaningful transformation, the project aims to cultivate positive narratives and promote a culture of belonging and sociability within gaming spaces.

Join the Movement

Are you ready to be a ‘Game Changer’? Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or passionate about creating safer online spaces, there’s a place for you in this groundbreaking initiative. Get involved today and help shape the future of gaming for generations to come.

Together, we can turn the tide and build a gaming world where everyone feels welcome, respected and valued.

Head to our page to learn more about the Game Changers program or express your interest in participating by completing the contact form.