Introducing new Challenging Hateful Misinformation training

Become an expert in recognising conspiracy theories and fake news.

Many people, including children, young adults, and professionals in various fields, are struggling with the issue of encountering online content that is misleading, divisive, and hateful. This issue is becoming increasingly prevalent in a world that is powered by AI technology. 

To help bridge the skills gap and provide effective resources in responding to this growing issue, All Together Now has developed the Challenging Hateful Misinformation training program. Our program is designed to offer practical and positive solutions to participants, whether they are looking to implement these skills in their daily lives or professional practices. 

Our training program is evidence-based and uses a blended approach that has been co-designed with industry-recognised experts. It educates people on the different types of fake news, misinformation and disinformation, providing participants with the skills to recognise and deal with divisive and hateful narratives, ideas, stereotypes and codes from the ground up. 

The training program offers interactive and activity-based learning, opportunities to share experiences with peers, and a practical take-home workbook to help participants apply their newfound knowledge to their day-to-day work challenges. 

The training is ideal for those working in the educational, social and community sectors, including youth workers, social workers, teachers, educational staff, healthcare workers and counsellors. It is relevant for anyone who wants to enhance their skills to talk to other (young) people who are engaging with the spectrum of problematic, divisive and/or hateful misinformation, including parents and caregivers. To learn more about how the training program can benefit your team or organisation, please visit our website here.

We also offer tailored training programs to address the specific needs of your team or organisation. Get in touch with our team via the contact us form or email us at [email protected] to discuss your options and how we can assist you.