Agent C

Agent C is a project lead by All Together Now focusing on online conspiracy theories and fake news, in partnership with Headspace Camperdown and Urbis.

Funded by the NSW Government through Multicultural NSW, this project develops training with and for young people in order to challenge divisive and hateful conspiracy theories and fake news.

Our aim with Agent C is to enhance the confidence and capacity of young people to unpack and critically engage with hateful conspiracy theories and fake news and to have stimulating conversations with their peers encouraging critical thinking.

Workshops – Hateful Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

All Together now is currently creating brand-new resources for teachers, educators, parents and frontline workers in Australia aimed at building their skills to recognise and respond to people who are engaging with hateful misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories.

These resources will be made available throughout 2023 and are building on our successful Agent C project.

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