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By making a donation to All Together Now, you support our vision of an Australian community that is free from racism. You are helping to sustain the only national charity dedicated to preventing all forms of racism in Australia, by creating evidence-based projects aiming to achieve racial equity.


Each year, around 50 people volunteer their time to help All Together Now flourish. Nearly all of our staff are volunteers, doing roles as diverse as administration, communication and marketing, management, and design.


We create genuine, long-term partnerships with corporations, SMEs, government agencies, education institutions and other organisations that want to make an impact on racism prevention in Australia. Support from these partnerships include the in-kind provision of goods or services, funding, and cross-promotion. We currently have over 20 business partners and supporters.

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All Together Now imagines and delivers innovative and evidence based projects that promote racial equity.

We are community driven, we utilise partnered approaches & our work is intersectional.