Why We Do It

As a Harm Prevention charity acknowledging that racism is a form of abuse, our mission is to “Educate Australians About Racism”. We do that by imagining and delivering innovative and evidence-based projects that promote racial equity and provide Australians with information about racism’s impacts and ways in which we can effectively challenge racism.

As an organisation seeking systemic and behavioural change, our work seeks depth rather than breadth, producing programs that create sustainable, long-term change helping in achieving our vision of a racially equitable Australia.

Key Projects

Everyday Racism

Challenge what you think you know about racism.

Far-Right Extremism

Learn more about preventing and countering far-right extremism.

Media Monitoring

Racism and social commentary in Australian mainstream media.

Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

Learn more about challenging hateful misinformation.

Who our projects support

All Together Now’s research, publications and projects on media racism have sought to challenge the way the mainstream media racialises First Australians and culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

All Together Now’s research and training on far-right extremism with youth workers, teachers and other frontline workers has sought to prevent more young people from becoming involved in extremism.

Latest News

Countering Far-Right Extremism Training Reviews

“Accessible, clear and informative. Learnt a lot! Coordinators were fantastic and very helpful; answered everyone’s questions and provided in-depth explanation of the content.”

Jean, Lou’s Place

“The training was well-structured, evidence-based and highly informative. Ramy and Sukhdeep were able to clearly explain concepts, respond to questions, and facilitated interactive and engaging activities.”

Identifying Far-right Extremism Trainee – 30 April 2021

“Really thorough and informative. Knowledge of different groups and ideologies and techniques used to spread their messages and recruit members.”

Carolyn, NSW Department of Education

How we do it?

We’ve designed solutions based on systems-level change. All the work that All Together Now undertakes acknowledges systemic racism at its core. The organisation believes that it is the system of white supremacy that ensures racism flourishes in Australia and acknowledges that racist behaviours are symptoms of systemic racism. All Together Now recognises that the media plays a powerful role in setting conversations, which is why it has been monitoring the mainstream media for racialised discourse since 2016.

Who we’ve worked with

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All Together Now imagines and delivers innovative and evidence based projects that promote racial equity.

We are community driven, we utilise partnered approaches & our work is intersectional.