New volunteer roles at All Together Now

All Together Now is currently recruiting for volunteer roles at different levels of the organisation. As always, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders are strongly encouraged to apply.

Event Coordinator

All Together Now is about to launch the first mobile app against racism in Australia. The Event Coordinator will be responsible for the planning, preparation and implementation of the launch day, with a particular focus on recruiting volunteers to hand out postcards in main train stations in Sydney. We are seeking an enthusiastic, creative and well-spoken person with a passion for social justice. This position closes at 9am on Monday 6 January 2014. Read more about the role of Event Coordinator on Seek Volunteer…

Director on All Together Now’s board

All Together Now’s Director with expertise in Community Campaigns is responsible for leading the organisation’s grassroots activities. As a nationally-focussed organisation, All Together Now plans to extend its grassroots activity in each state. This position closes at 9am on Tuesday 7 January 2014. Read more about the role of Director on Seek Volunteer…

Research Assistant

All Together Now’s Research Assistant on the Exit project is responsible for ensuring the project team has the right information including undertaking research about white supremacy. All Together Now’s ground-breaking project “Exit” seeks to build resilience to white extremism by planting a seed of doubt among young men in Australia. This position closes at 9am on Tuesday 7 January 2014. Read more about the role of Research Assistant on Seek Volunteer…

Communications Officer

The volunteer Communications Officer focuses on achieving greater awareness and acknowledgement of All Together Now’s work and its positive role in Australians’ lives to erase racism. The Communications Officer reports directly to the Managing Director and will manage social media, PR & media and general communications activities. This position closes at 9am on Friday 10 January 2014. Read more about the role of Communications Officer on Seek Volunteer…


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  1. Sorry I am un able to help you in a official capacity but will follow you all the way. If there is a way you could let me know how I could help please let me know. Good luck, you are sadly needed in this country which is getting more and more regressive. The government we have now should never be allowed to be in control of a country.


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