Racism in Australia: May 2012

Racism in Australia – May 2012

A collection of stories from Australia about racism, curated by All Together Now

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Racism, anti-racism and multiculturalism as reported in the media…

Commissioner warns against racism in jobs rowThe Federal Government has finalised its first Enterprise Migration Agreement, which will let up to 1700 foreign workers be flown in for …
Defence Force investigates racism claims7news
This week Jack Manning Bancroft, a young man who put his idea into action and is changing lives. Preview http://bit.ly/OmqC7 #IndigenousXAustralian Story
"racism via total erasure" is probably the best summary of australian media i have ever heardmendy menendez
The Racism of Pauline Hanson and Today TonightI and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. I believe we are in danger …
Insecure work a major issue for ethnic communities especially temporary migrants http://www.watoday.com.au/opinion/editorial/insecure-work-versus-flexibility-20120516-1yr4a.htmlPino Migliorino
It’s hard to watch anything on @channelten when they continue to sponsor flippant racism. http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/s3502629.htmChung Ung
Are Australians racist?Angry tweets by two South African models – one white, one black – were reminders of that country’s sad history of racial discord. If you …
Great talk on @RNLifeMatters today: Joy Damousi & Gilbert McAdam on racism in sport & that photograph of Nicky Winmar http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/black-and-proud3a-nicky-winmar27s-moment-of-defiance/4005922Georgia Moodie
@sunriseon7 Aus is now more racist than it was 18yrs backRosemary
Job seekers driven to overcome prejudiceRoad to success … Samuel Anyang learns to drive with instructor Nicole Warren. Once qualified, Mr Anyang will train Sudanese people. Ph…
Chinese take out ad urging action against train violenceBashed … a picture from Xuan’s blog. Chinese international students are urging their peers to speak out against youth violence and raci…
@alltognow A fashion "commentator" on Ch9 this morning described Michelle Obama in a bright dress as looking like a "licorice Allsort".Michael Hartt
Can SBS Speak For Black Australia? | newmatilda.comsbs The SBS takeover of National Indigenous TV is almost complete – but SBS still has no Aboriginal board members. There are no guarantee…
Programs and youth lead the fight against racism – St George and Sutherland Shire Leader http://bit.ly/JkfU0MSutherland ShireInfo
police secretly pay hush money to 4 African-born men & 1 Afghan who claimed they were racially abused or beaten http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/police-pay-cash-to-bash-victims-20120503-1y1w4.htmlAll Together Now
A question of character or racism? – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)2 May 2012 A question of character or racism? Last week, Prime Minister Julia Gillard pondered what the "character and conduct" of the An…

Reconciliation Week…

Like A Version: The Herd (& Radical Son, Nooky, Sky High) – A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)triplejtv
Anita Heiss: Her Take on Reconciliationreconciliationaus
Celebrating National Reconciliation Week 2012 with Poh!reconciliationaus
Indigenous opera on show during Reconciliation Weekaustralianetworknews
National Reconciliation Weeksunriseon7
Reconciliation and the political virtue of apologyCampbell Newman's apology in the week before National Reconciliation Week reminds us of the national parliamentary apology sponsored …
@Aboriginaloz Blog: Sorry Day Q&A http://aboriginaloz.blogspot.com/2012/05/sorry-day-q.html?spref=twLuke Pearson
A social media campaign by ReconciliAction hopes to ease cultural tensions by challenging the Australian identity. <br> <div>The campaign gives Australians, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, the chance to define their own identity by creating a label and showcasing it on Facebook<br>  <br></div>ABC News

I’m Not Racist, but…

&#39;I&#39;m not racist but…&#39;: A forum on racism in AustraliaThe national theme for this year is entitled &#39;Let&#39;s talk recognition&#39; in reference to recognising Indigenous people in the Au…
@wojennifer @alltognow @bensonsaulo @nazeem_hussain @HelenSzoke @nswrc thanks all, great speeches.Steve Cannane
Nice work, @NSWRC & @alltognow ! RT @TrendsSydney: #notracist2012 & ‘subsi’ are now trending in #Sydney http://trendsmap.com/au/sydneyJennifer Wong
Appreciate Jennifer Wong and Nazeem Hussein’s comedic contributions – lot of value in comedy as a discursive practice #notracist2012Karma
@bensonsaulo Thanks for last night.The path together is the way forward.Great to discuss the uncomfortable in a positive way #notracist2012Anna Donohoe
@bensonsaulo social media is our freedom rides #notracist2012All Together Now
@nazeem_hussain Loved what u said tonight, sparked debate w/ friends on strategies to combat racism, orientalism & structure #notracist2012Madelaine B-Ng
"If you ever wake up in hospital and there’s not one brown or Asian doctor, you’re on All Saints" haha! @nazeem_hussain #notracist2012Hallie Donkin
@nazeem_hussain On Sasha Baron-Cohen, wht kind of system of power are you trying to deconstrct? He dsn’t speak truth to power #notracist2012Sara Saleh
@helenszoke we need to NAME racism, and keep pushing the boundaries back. #notracist2012rose macdonald
@helenszoke history and reconciliation aren’t unique to Australia, but they’re things we don’t do well. #notracist2012NSW Reconciliation
How does racism make us feel? "angry", "uncomfortable", "it divides people" @helenszoke #notracist2012All Together Now
Helen Szoke, race discrimination comissioner, speaking at an excellent event by @alltognow and @NSWRC #li #notracist2012Natalia Vukolova
‘I’m sick of "tolerance". Why can’t we say that racism is intolerable’ – Jennifer Wong #notracist2012Karma
@wojennifer racists please raise your hand! #notracist2012All Together Now
I’m speaking at "I’m not racist, but…" at 7.30 with these amazeball ppl @alltognow @wojennifer @bensonsaulo @HelenSzoke #notracist2012Nazeem Hussain
jacquiitah’s photo of #notracist2012 set – wonderful! http://instagr.am/p/LSVNbDpRSH/ via @instagramAll Together Now
Getting ready at the venue for the "I’m not racist, but…" conference. Use the #tag of #notracist2012 follow the feed! http://pic.twitter.com/jBh3xUc9Benson Saulo
"I’m #notracist, but…" http://sydney.edu.au/seymour/boxoffice/program.notracist.shtml http://twitpic.com/9ixhl5All Together Now

Racism prevention…

Are you aged between 16-20yrs? Are you in a band that’s ever been subjected to a racist comment? >> http://www.indent.net.au/2012/05/help-combat-racism/All Together Now
Bicultural Support Program put on a workshop this morning: ‘Dealing Effectively With Racism’ feat. Lorraine Madden of https://www.facebook.com/semannslatteryECCFCSC
SBS speaks to Race Discrimination Commissionerworldnewsaustralia
stay up to date with #OneParramatta films by email http://eepurl.com/l3ILTAll Together Now
can’t wait for our first #OneParramatta film shoot, only one week away: Friday 1 June, Church Street mall outside old town hall from middayAll Together Now
refugee week Positivity Postcards From Parramatta – check out the flier for info. Event looks inspiring! #OneParramatta http://pic.twitter.com/z1Kc0Wk8All Together Now
Great videos of Australians talking about #racism by our great friends @alltognow . Watch now! #activism http://talkaboutracism.wordpress.comBody Shop Activist
young people support the Receipting Policy @Flemlegal to "identify racism and discriminatory policing" http://bit.ly/JRJ33z #melb #racismIMARA advocacy
Using museums to combat racism | VOICEDr Yin Paradies’ cultural background is as diverse as his research is varied. Coming to Melbourne from Darwin about five years ago, Dr Pa…
If you’d like Australia to be known for our welcome, compassion and inclusion rather than our fear, cruelty and racism #walktogether June 23Welcome to Australia
we’ve just sent our submission to the @AusHumanRights National Anti-Racism Strategy team – done yours yet? http://www.humanrights.gov.au/antiracism/survey.htmlAll Together Now
Open until 11 May: Anti-Racism Strategy Online Survey. Filling this out AS WE SPEAK. http://www.humanrights.gov.au/antiracism/survey.htmlMichelle Law
Public hearing on racism at #Parramatta today. If you know of any cases of racism in parra let me know! #utsjournalism @alltognowChristine Theo
Programs and youth lead the fight against racism – St George and Sutherland Shire Leader http://bit.ly/JkfU0MSutherland ShireInfo
ECCFCSC presents the "Bilingualism Conference – Growing Up Bilingual in Australia: An Investment" on Thursday 14 June at @Sydney_UniECCFCSC
Great campaign by the UN, Let’s Fight Racism! Send a postcard and help break some stereotypes. http://www.un.org/en/letsfightracism/VEOHRC

People thinking and talking about racism…

Fatmata- What can each of us do as individuals to prevent racism?alltognow
I’ve seen some people calling "reverse racism" "anti-racism". I would have thought this was an entirely different thing?Martin S Pribble
When "Stop The Boats" is the slogan of one of our major political parties we know we still have a problem with racism #qandaJonathan Brown
Being subjected to loud casual racism on the train from Newy to Sydney. Painful. Going to have to give a polite lecture shortly I reckon…Kate
Do we only value different cultures insofar as they enhance our lifestyle? Incisive questions from Tim Soutphommasane #TEDxSydneyAllison Heller
Experienced racism last night. Didn’t know how to react. So I didn’t.Sydney
Favourite comment so far: Only the racist see racism… http://www.thepunch.com.au/articles/australia-you-have-nothing-to-fear-but-fear-itself/ToryShepherd
Financial uncertainty common for new migrants http://apo.org.au/research/financial-uncertainty-common-new-migrants @BrotherhoodinfoAll Together Now
"This book reminds us that we are all members of the human family…" Alien Shores: http://www.fancygoods.com.au/andrew/2012/05/21/book-review-alien-shores-ed-by-sharon-rundle-meenakshi-bharat-brass-monkey-books/All Together Now
Paulina – How would you discuss racism with somebody who has a different opinion than you?alltognow
@maderpline it’s stupid. I don’t like racist people. It makes me sad. And who cares what nationality they are. Racism is so yesterday.Gloria Cho
Ethnic diversity in Parramatta is extraordinary, it opens up doors to global partnerships and opportunities #thinkglobal #rethinksydneyParramatta City
L-FRESH- Have you ever realised you were acting in a racist manneralltognow
This guy had the nerve to tell me "There are racists but racism doesn’t still exist." #TrendsetterArsonistsLace Front Killa
@KRISTYBEST @alltognow "Speaking In Tongues" by @hilltophoods is an inspirational anti-racism song, if only we could all live the words…Darren Sandford
as usual, any time a large number of my family members are in the same room as me, I get into a fight about racism and privilege.IMF Agent Molly
When kids are raised in an environment of intolerance such as bigotry or racism, there’s a risk they’ll repeat the cycle with their kids.Lawrence Meckan
Not to throw shade BUT…Why do I still live in a world where ppl are STILL ashamed to be Aboriginal? I mean, thought we was all PASSED thisTiger Lilly
It takes a few incidents of out right racism to make ppl realise that our country has not really moved forwardKhanyisile Khanyile
4 kids, a dog and a blog: R is for Racism http://4kids1dogblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/r-is-for-racist.html?spref=twMichelle
Alex- Why is it important to stop racism from happening?alltognow
"UnAustralian" has to be the worst insult going. I’m not sure whether the stupidity or implicit racism bothers me more. Either way, UGH!Ellen May
RT @Eusebius:I’m tired of people who are tired of discussing racism.A bit like saying,"I’m tired of talking poverty.Well,yes,if you’re richmax moore
If I had a gun I would shoot discrimination and racism, then this world would be so much betterAdrian Vizza
Really people? Racism is the most disgusting thing in the world!!!!! http://pic.twitter.com/mX7JUqRzFighter
"You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity." Bobby SealeLuke Pearson
@LukeLPearson and by speaking up about the seemingly inane incidents of #racism.Andrew Wright
Caught a bit of Ch10 Breakfast news & was shocked by some of the reactions to Gov proposal to encourage Aussies to house refugees.Tabitha Feher
Australian Multicultralism Get Realmrpinconico
Sad that racism still exists. Heard story of driver making delivery at our factory; picked up metal bar & said "bl*** cu**" to a colleague.Stuart Haasjes
Needless to say, that driver is no longer welcome at our premises. Colleague did the smart thing and just walked away.Stuart Haasjes
Bunch of victoria football federation Melbourne Victory teenagers on the train telling racist jokes. Maybe want to have a word about that.Angela Mary Claire
racism is ILLOGICAL. Especially in Australia, where we are all immigrants!Julie Gibbons
Lauren- Have you ever expected to experience racism but were welcomed and included instead?alltognow
People who behave in a racist manner are in the minority. Let’s keep it that way – please support All Together Now to promote the prevention of racism in Australia.

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