Racism in Australia: June 2012

Racism in Australia – June 2012

A collection of stories from Australia about racism, curated by All Together Now

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Racism, anti-racism and multiculturalism as reported in the media…

'Racist' mosque pamphlet probedThe ACT government will refer a pamphlet opposing the construction of a mosque in Gungahlin to the Human Rights Commission for investigat…
#7sport just televised a tweet where someone said Novak’s box looks like "gangsters". I don’t approve of you broadcasting casual racism.Char
Census 2012 – the diverse faces of Aussie societyCensus figures released yesterday reveal a record number of NSW residents now speak a language other than English at home and more than a…
Adam Goodes reveals racism still an issue in AFLSWANS champion Adam Goodes believes racism still exists in the AFL.
Crowd racism at State of Origin mars Blues winQUEENSLAND'S State of Origin heroes were subjected to vicious racist chants by sections of the official NSW supporters' group dur…
Refugees who rise from hardshipIN the lead-up to the start of Refugee Week on June 17, the Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre and Parramatta Council have …
Joel Wilkinson wants help to make a stand against racismJOEL Wilkinson doesn't want to be one who's public stance strikes a blow against racism. He wants that person to be you and me.
Was this uni Raj night racist?A colonial-themed event at a university has resurrected an uneasy past. The dress code on the invitation ''white tie or colonial …
"racism used to be fine and just a laugh but people must learn you can’t do it in public anymore" RE: AFL crowd racismHerald Sun Half-Wits
Racial vilification complaint – AFL.com.auA resolution has been reached regarding a racial vilification complaint involving an AFL player
Tele found guilty of ‘gravely inaccurate, unfair and offensive’ reporting on boat refugees – mUmBRELLAThe Daily Telegraph was guilty of "gravely inaccurate, unfair and offensive" language in headlines about asylum seekers who arrive in Aus…

Refugee Week

Positivity Postcards from Western Sydney – refugee story project by THHPMRC Migrant Resource Centre http://www.thhpmrc.org.au/hpmnrefugeestories.html #OneParramattaAll Together Now
Great turnout at #walktogether – what a great celebration of #unity in #Australia. Say no to #racism http://pic.twitter.com/4V8cwpB3Gary Lee
New post: Government recognises World Refugee Day and invites views on sponsorship pilot http://bit.ly/LdiskiKate Lundy
We’ll #walktogether because we know fear and division don’t build healthy communities where everyone can thrive. 1pm June 23 in your city.Welcome to Australia
Help stamp out racism in Australia: #walktogether 1pm this Saturday 23 June in your capital city. #qandaJo Pride
Who will you walk with? It’s time to make prejudice unpopular and free ourselves from fear. – http://eepurl.com/mqTxnWelcome to Australia

Racism prevention …

You’ve got six weeks to get your films in to Colourfest. Check out http://colourfest.com.au for details. Best FIlm wins $2000 courtesy of @AFTRSColourfest
Beautiful story about personal experience of racism. These vids need to go prime time. Give kids a voice. #ISTE12Bianca ‘Jim’ Hewes
David #Rodan AFL #Multicultural Ambassador doing great work to bring footy to all cultures. Great way to fight #racism he says!Helen Szoke
event "Belonging" Aboriginal Connections & Reconciliation w/ Mick Gooda 28 June Parramatta Town Hall. Info: call Maria 9896-3839All Together Now
two years of racism prevention http://eepurl.com/mzlDPAll Together Now
AAP supporting us on their shiny new website alongside @CEOSleepout and @RedRoomCompany – stoked! http://www.aap.com.au/ExploreAll Together Now
@alltognow Please RT Registrations for Brisbane 2012 are open = this is not to be missed! http://ow.ly/bqml7My Language
Ngaanyatjarra: Art of the Lands | Human Rights in Australia | Right NowNgaanyatjarra: Art of the Lands This article is part of our June theme, which focuses on Indigenous People and their human rights . Read …
Tired of boring team lunches and dinners? Book a Taste Tour 4 unique bonding experience with cultural food indulgence. http://bit.ly/L4cnmRTASTE Food Tours
VicHealth – Arts About Us Phase 2 media releaseSeven Victorian arts and cultural organisations have been funded by VicHealth to deliver a thought-provoking collection of projects desig…
Today we’re going to Parramatta to interview people on film about racism, cultural diversity. Church Street mall from midday #OneParramattaAll Together Now

Are we Dumb, Drunk and Racist?

Hildebrand on his new show about racism in Australianewsonabc
Indian road trip hits MelbournePreviously on Dumb, Drunk and Racist, Hildebrand travelled to India to meet with people who have had cause to doubt the integrity of Aust…
Are Australians Really Dumb, Drunk and Racist?That's the central question of a new television documentary series currently showing in Australia starring four Indian travelers.
Trailer | Dumb Drunk and Racist | Joe Hildebrand | Starts 9.30pm | Wednesday 20 June | ABC2cordelljigsaw
I love how Sergio painted his mural to start a conversation, but then didn’t want to have the conversation. #dumbdrunkracistSimon Kennedy
Is it racist to subtitle Indians speaking English? #DumbDrunkRacistSimon Crerar
I personally wouldn’t stoop so low to do race comedy-doco schtick but @Joe_Hildebrand has! #DumbDrunkRacist @ABC2 Tonight 9.30John Safran
Challenging stereotypessunriseon7
So it turns out plenty of us are Dumb, Drunk and RacistIt is hard to believe, but a little TV show with the subtle and unassuming title Dumb, Drunk and Racist has upset a lot of people. This i…
Clever, sober and compelling(Is it racist to call the English ''Poms''?) It's about us: a six-part series in which Daily Telegraph journo Joe Hil…
Indian Media Reports | Dumb, Drunk & Racist | Starts Wednesday, 20 June at 9.30pm, ABC2newonabctv

People thinking and talking about racism …

Why is nobody concerned with the inherent racism in australia’s fear of asylum seekers? @QandAC Hildebrand-Burke
The new episode of Q&A made me angry. People don’t realise racism is a state of mind. Calling someone a racist term doesn’t make you racist.El Presidente Kieran
Racism is calling boat arrivals "illegals" while having no problem with English backpackers who overstay their visa. #qandaSenthorun Raj
Multicultural newspapers now available online | National Library of AustraliaNewspapers that tell Australia’s multicultural stories in their own language are now available online through the Library’s award-winning…
Age and racism: they’re both about fear, difference, jealousy and protecting your own interests instead of promoting diversity #qandaKathy Reid
Manisha – What can each of us do as individuals to prevent racism from happeningalltognow
Racism in Australiajewishnewstv
As party to Refugee Convention Aus has obligation to accept refugees. This isn’t about anything else but racism #auspol http://www.hreoc.gov.au/human_rights/immigration/asylum_seekers.htmlDeborah
I just watched ‘Can we stamp out racism?’ on 3Q – questions that count. http://essentialvision.com.au/can-we-wipe-out-racism #3Q @HelenSzokeAll Together Now
Clive – Have you ever encountered racismalltognow
I’m Not Racist But…sydneyideas
People who behave in a racist manner are in the minority. Let’s keep it that way – please support All Together Now to promote the prevention of racism in Australia.

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