Who Watches the Media? Race-related reporting in Australian mainstream media

Why we monitor the media

We monitor the media to increase understanding of how social cohesion in Australian communities is impacted by racially biased media articles.  The project came about through collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which highlighted the need for such work.

How we do it

We use a three-pronged approach that consists of media monitoring, analysing the online impact of race-related articles, and community-lead solutions to reduce the negative impacts on affected communities.

We worked with UTS to create a media monitoring framework.  We continue to work with UTS to refine the framework as needed.  

What we do

We use the framework to assess race-related articles and TV shows.  We look to see if they portray race inclusively, neutrally or negatively. Specifically, we sample articles from the opinion and editorial sections of newspapers with the highest readership and selected TV current affairs shows.  The newspapers and TV shows we cover are:

NewspapersTV shows
The Age60 Minutes (Nine)
The Australian7:30 (ABC)
The Courier MailA Current Affair (Nine)
The Daily TelegraphThe Feed (SBS)
Herald SunThe Project (Ten)
The Sydney Morning HeraldSunday Night (Seven)
Today Tonight (Seven)


2019 Report – Coming soon

2017 Report

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