Racist rant in Melbourne bus condemned by All Together Now

This video went viral after showing some passengers making profanely racist taunts coupled with threats of violence towards a group of French women. This incident took place on a Melbourne bus on Remembrance Day.

A Melbourne comedian who witnessed what happened has uploaded the video online because he wanted to ”make these guys to feel embarrassed”.

As more and more footage emerges of the racist tirade, Victoria Police is now actively looking for the perpetrators as all Australian states and territories have laws against racial vilification.

All Together Now firmly condemns this racial rant. This kind of incident happens much too often and if the video had not been uploaded, the perpetrators would have remained unaware of the consequences of their acts. Racism is an everyday occurrence for people with a different skin color or a different accent or a different look.

By speaking up when witnessing racial abuse, you show that you are not a part of the mob. You stand up for your values and you make Australia a better country. You can help us to spread the word by LIKING us on Facebook and by subscribing to our e-newsletters.

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