One Parramatta Episode 5: TALK + LISTEN = RESPECT

One Parramatta’s episode 5 explores how the power of talking and listening can make a real impact in terms of well-being and integration. This time, our journey took us from the streets of Parramatta to a hip-hop workshop. Definitively a new tone of voice thanks to the support of ICE (Information & Cultural Exchange).

Episode 5 is  a journey between different cultures, countries of birth and stories. Still racism is here, in our streets, in our public transport, sometimes in our family. But do you know that racism is partly due to a lack of knowledge? A fear of someone’s differences? A misconception of another culture?

The good news is that we all can make a difference by starting to do the most natural thing in the world: telling each other our stories, listening and sharing them!

“I keep being told to go back where I come from

But I don’t know where that is”

Written and sung by Maurice.

And you, what is your story?

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