One Parramatta Episode 4

Racism — who is responsible for preventing it?

Who do you think is responsible for perpetrating and preventing racism?

Does the Government have a role to play in preventing racism?
Does the media contribute to racism or help to stop it?
What about the education system?
For Episode 4, we asked this difficult question of around 30 people in Parramatta Church Street mall. While it wasn’t an easy one to answer, people gave it a go anyway…

While the responses were as diverse as the interviewees, everyone agreed that this is a serious issue.

Whoever may be given the task for reducing it, tackling racism starts with every individual being self-conscious of their own impact and influence. If we all start owning the problem, we will go a long way to fixing it!

We think the last answer in the film is certainly the best one: Racism. It stops with me.


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