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Racism in Australia: July 2012

Racism in Australia – July 2012

A collection of stories from Australia about racism, curated by All Together Now

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Racism, anti-racism and multiculturalism as reported in the media…

Hey @channel9 it would be awesome if you could cover the Olympics without the casual racism every now and again.Nat Scan
Apology demanded from Channel Ten over alleged racism – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Updated July 25, 2012 13:05:45 A regional mayor is demanding an apology from Channel Ten over what she says was a derogatory comment refe…
Getting to know you …Meadow Heights principal Kevin Pope oversees students from 42 ethnic groups. KEVIN Pope sees a big difference between tolerating differen…
Hey @ninemsn A fried Rice gag, really? The 1950’s called, they want their racism back.
Rate the states in fight against racism: reportAUSTRALIA'S states should be rated for the support they give foreign students to head off crises like the wave of violent attacks on …
‘Hottest refugee’ search is cheap, nasty and revealing – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)19 July 2012 ‘Hottest refugee’ search is cheap, nasty and revealing My gut instinct revulsion to Zoo Weekly’s search for Australia’s “hot…
@welcome2aussie @alltognow our Ethnic Broadcaster journal talks about racial vilification in the #media:
'Racist' mosque pamphlet probedThe ACT government will refer a pamphlet opposing the construction of a mosque in Gungahlin to the Human Rights Commission for investigat…

Celebrating NAIDOC week

Being on @twitter has greatly increased my awareness and celebration of #NAIDOC day, this is awesomeRebecca
Congratulations @Telstra #NAIDOC, publicly acknowledging country & mob in every store, the foundation of #Australiandiversity @TroyRoderickNareen Young
Happy NAIDOC Day ! Did you know you can borrow a Wiradjuri dictionary from the library? #NAIDOC City Library
‘But you’re too pretty to be Aboriginal…’Rachel Visser, Miss NAIDOC Perth 2012 Photo: via Miss NAIDOC Perth When I was at University for the first time, I remember some bloke tel…
Happy #NAIDOC everyone I here there’s alot goin on today so get down to where ever it is and enjoy!!!Jessica Mauboy
Good Luck to all the #NAIDOC Award nominees for 2012! #IndigenousXClosing the Gap
Happy #NAIDOC Australians celebrate by RTing the #NAIDOC tag, finding an event at and by not-being-a-dick!Helen Razer
How awesome would it be if the July 2013 edition of @WomensWeeklyMag featured 6 successful Indigenous women on their cover? #NAIDOCLeesa Watego
LOVE @abcopen’s Dreambox. I could spend all arvo on here. #NAIDOC. (h/t @jevoislafemme) Maguire
Indigenous filmmakers have, within a generation, become a vibrant filmmaking presence in Australia #NAIDOC Weekaustralianscreen
The Block: Stories from a Meeting PlaceThese are stories about a patch of land in Sydney, an infamous acre known as the Block, a place steeped in a rich history of Aboriginal c…
4 in 5 Aussies want to know more about Nungas. And Kooris, Murris, Palawas, Nyungars and Yolngus #NAIDOCTell Me Something
For #NAIDOC we want you to share a dream from our #dreambox, choose a dream from here… #abcopen Open
CELEBRATING OUR FIRST PEOPLES!It’s that time of the year (traditionally, the first full week of July) when Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike celebrate th…
HAPPY #NAIDOC WEEK get involved with our survey on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of #Indigenous Peoples Gooda
Performing @ Hyde park today For Naidoc Week, will be on stage around 1:30pm. Event starts @11 so Donovan
Happy #NAIDOC! Genevieve and Mandy raising our flag

One Parramatta: our project to promote the prevention of racism in Western Sydney

One Parramatta – Episode 1alltognow
Parramatta communities fight a common threatThe National Indigenous Times first hit the streets on February 27, 2002. The paper is staffed and owned by Indigenous and non-Indigenous…
Episode 1 of #OneParramatta is playing w/ Batman at Parramatta Event Cinemas this week & 500+ have watched online! Together Now
Parramatta nonprofit using social media to tackle the issue of racismOne Australian nonprofit organisation has come up with an innovative and inspiring social media strategy to tackle the issue of racism in…
What are your values One Parramatta? #DIAC funded project tackles racism in western suburbs of Sydney. Logan
this is great! @Parramatta_News #OneParramatta project, Episode 1 is now live (via @alltognow)Ursula Stephens
Overcoming racism through social media | Connecting Up AustraliaIt is a popular misconception that social media is only used by organisations wanting to connect with followers from afar. While it is tr…
We’re proud to announce our involvement with @alltognow #OneParramatta project – the first film has just launched! Television
#OneParramatta film is now available hre check it out!Helen Szoke
loving episode 1 of @alltognow #OneParramatta project, look forward to future episodes! Ninja
We b all for #OneParramatta. Also, we b in their film: & Tacky Motel
excited about our #OneParramatta project launching tomorrow – first episode shows alongside Spider-Man from tomorrow at Parramatta cinema!All Together Now
One Parramatta: addressing interpersonal racismOne Parramatta: addressing interpersonal racism ‘One Parramatta’ is a community project managed by All Together Now in partnership with m…
Drive to defeat racismRACISM is on the rise in the Parramatta area, and a new organisation wants to do something about it. The people behind All Together Now a…
Check out #oneparramatta, an initiative by @alltognow sharing stories of racism in the retail setting in Parramatta.

Racism & Sport

Victorious boxer faces sanction over Aboriginal flag T-shirtControversial … Damien Hooper is proud he wore a T-shirt bearing the Aboriginal flag. Photo: AP Australian boxer Damien Hooper has been…
We as Australians should be proud of Damien Hooper for wearing Aboriginal colours: we as a nation should be past this #Olympics @alltognowJames Arvanitakis
It says a lot about our nation that wearing the Aboriginal flag is perceived as a protest. Graham
Racism furore overshadowing athletics teamIt is a place comfily accepting that, almost Amish-like, it has resisted the advance of time. This all makes it a wholly appropriate loca…
Racism at the OlympicsTuesday 31 July 2012 By Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke Australian athlete John Steffensen is extroverted and passionate …
“We should not underestimate the impact that the experience of racism can have on the behavior of people, even elite athletes.” @HelenSzokeAll Together Now
Coming up on @triplejhack Anthony Mundine tells us racism is all rife in Australian sports. He’s a mate of #Olympic runner John SteffensenJulia Holman
Racism has no place in society or sport | Open Forum | Blogging communityIn the past racism in sport has seemed to be more acceptable than racist behaviour in the general community. Paul Oliver says it can no l…

Racism prevention…

Invitation for organisations to join up to the Anti-Racism campaign ahead of its launch on 24th August . check it out!Helen Szoke
What do you think of your skin colour? Check out some of the vids made in the TD Portable Studio studio in Mildura Museum
Consultation report released by Race Discrimination Commissioner (2012 Media Release)Monday, 23 July 2012 Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke will reveal the nation’s strategy to combat racism on 24 August 2012…
Women on the Board working to eradicate Racism in Australia | Australian Women OnlineFounded in 2010, All Together Now is dedicated to preventing racist behaviour in Australia through innovative, evidence-based and effecti…

People thinking and talking about racism…

If anyone wants to check how racist they are, go to: Paradies
this looks interesting! “All Australians Are Racist” | Festival of Dangerous Ideas with @Joe_Hildebrand @samahhadidAll Together Now
One more reason to stop discussing health as a “lifestyle issue” (racism) | CroakeyIn broader public debate, racism is not framed often enough as a health issue. Whether inflicted by individuals, organisations, services …
@alltognow No matter what skin colour what religion, what race, what part of the globe we are from, we all share the one earth end racismDaniel Nigro
Dear Australia, do me a favour and learn what “Terra Nullius” means, and how it shows this country was built on racism. Regards, AngryPants.HAIL ANTS
Dumb Drunk and Racist | Cronulla Riots make Indian crycordelljigsaw
Word to @hauiebeast for getting these race issues in Hip-Hop in this country some focus on radio. Racism has no place in #AustralianHipHopThomas Rock
Are You Racist, a Mini Documentary By Vince Wang & James Xuhurstville1
@alltognow @HelenSzoke we thinks it’s great that #Australia explores more about #racism of today and at different areas of the countryNEMBC
Tracker’s talented associate publisher Shyamla Eswaran on the dangers of cyber racism. Excellent piece: McQuire
People who behave in a racist manner are in the minority. Let’s keep it that way – please support All Together Now to promote the prevention of racism in Australia.

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