Interview with Jen Carnovale

All Together Now caught up, in an interview, with Jen Carnovale ahead of her appearance at the organisation’s 5th Anniversary event to let us know the background to her comedy work and why she is able to discuss topics like racism in a funny, receptive and easy manner with her audience.

Who is Jen Carnovale?

Jen Carnovale has been on the comedic circuit for  5 years now and has made a big splash for herself locally and abroad. Jen has won numerous awards for her comedy including; Best Newcomer, Sydney Comedy Festival 2010. Jen Carnovale’s style is like a hysterical casual conversation that you cannot turn away from. You get immersed in her stories and crazy situations. The Australian stage said Jen is “[g]ifted with wonderful timing and lovely line in accents.” Jen will recently performed at both the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals and will be heading off the the Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Festival in August, 2015.



Interview transcript is available here.

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