Ex neo-Nazi to tackle racial hatred in Australia

Ex neo-Nazi Robert Orell is joining forces with All Together Now to tackle recruitment by white supremacist groups in Australia and to stop racial hatred.

Robert spent five years involved in a violent Swedish white power group as a teenager in the 1990s. After spending time in the military, he left the movement and now works helping others to leave extremist groups.

From November 14-22, Robert will be sharing his experiences while visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Perth as a guest of All Together Now, in partnership with the Australian Attorney-General’s Department and PAVE (People Against Violent Extremism).

Robert will also be available for an online discussion on Reddit on Saturday 16th November from 12 noon – 1pm (AEST). If you want to ask Robert anything about his experience in the white power movement, how he got involved or what being in a white power group was like, this is the perfect occasion. Robert will be answering questions as ‘robertorell’ on Reddit IAmA (ask me anything), under the title ‘I Am Robert Orell, a former white supremacist. I used to be part of a neo-Nazi group and I’m here to answer all your questions. Ask Me Anything!’

“Being involved in the white power environment gave me a feeling of belonging, but when I began to critically question the racist ideology, it didn’t add up”, Robert says.

“I want to encourage others to question racist ideas when they encounter them – not to just accept racial stereotypes”.

One in ten Australian still believes that there are people who don’t belong in this country because of their cultural background or ethnicity.

The Robert Orell tour is part of the EXIT project, run by All Together Now. This project works to undermine recruitment by white supremacists. This groundbreaking project focuses on debunking the myths and conspiracy theories that white extremism group use to recruit young people. EXIT seeks to build resilience to white nationalism by planting a seed of doubt among young men at risk of being involved.




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