Do you have something to say about racism?

All Together Now is conducting interviews to find out what people think racism is, how it has affected them or others, and what can be done about it. Each interview is filmed for distribution online, and will take less than half an hour. We are interviewing individuals, as well as groups of colleagues representing a business.

Why we are we doing this

The interviews will be published online alongside those of other Australians from a range of backgrounds. We anticipate these interviews will give Australians the confidence to talk to their colleagues, family and friends about racism. We believe that by starting a national conversation about racism, Australians will develop a better understanding about what racism is. This will increase people’s self-awareness about their behaviour and attitudes towards people from cultural backgrounds different to their own, and give them the confidence to speak up when they witness racism.

How to participate

If you would like to be involved, please contact us.

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