Before Blast Off

Back in July last year I was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship.

Each year a small number of Australians are rewarded for excellence in their field by becoming a Churchill Fellow. Every Fellow designs their own research project culminating in an overseas tour, with the aim of learning more and improving their practice.

So next Sunday my tour begins. I will leave Sydney for a seven-week journey to North America and Europe to investigate successful racism prevention projects and find out what makes them effective.

I will be visiting around 20 different organisations and projects starting off in Montgomery, Alabama. From there I will be travelling to New York, then London, Warsaw, Newcastle, Paris, Antwerp and Brussels.

This formal part of the tour will be followed by a short trip to Stockholm to visit Robert Orell, the former white supremacist who visited Australia late last year  on behalf of All Together Now’s Exit White Power project.

During the trip I will be writing about the people I meet and the things I learn about racism prevention along the way. Please follow my journey on this blog over the next seven weeks to learn more about how people are addressing racism overseas.


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  1. Hi Priscilla,

    Is UNAOC in NYC (Chrysler Building) on your itinerary? Check out their IBIS web resource. Let me know if you want an e-introduction with the Director.

    kind regards,



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