An open letter to Nathan

face of Reclaim Australia rally

Earlier this week, published an article about a Reclaim Australia supporter – Nathan Paterson – who is upset because people are judging him on his looks.

People judge you just for the way you look, without knowing anything about you, which I think, that’s not fair,” Nathan said.

This is our open letter to Nathan.


Dear Nathan,

We saw your story on 9news. We wanted to let you know that we wholeheartedly agree with your statement.

When people call us names based on how we look, it really hurts. It makes us feel anxious. They don’t really know who we are, so who are they to judge?

When people abuse us based on what we wear, it makes us feel frustrated. Nobody else has the right to tell us what type of clothing is acceptable.

When people ridicule the way we present ourselves – you have been ridiculed about your tattoos so we know you can sympathise with us – when people do this we feel that it is unfair. They talk about us from a distance so we don’t get the right of reply.

Why do people judge others before they get to know them? It doesn’t make sense.

Like you, we want to be defined by what we do and say as individuals, not by how we look.

Yours sincerely,

All Together Now supporters


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