All Together Now a key supporter of the government’s National Anti-Racism Strategy

We welcome the government’s National Anti-Racism Strategy, and are a key supporter of both the strategy and the accompanying campaign Racism. It Stops With Me.

In summary, All Together Now believes the National Anti-Racism Strategy should:

  1. Encourage mainstream acknowledgement that racism exists in Australia by individuals, businesses, government bodies, and education institutions demonstrated through resourcing and implementing meaningful antiracism activities that are evidence-based, long-term and evaluated.
  2. Facilitate regular discussion between partners who are implementing meaningful antiracism activities to encourage information-sharing about what works, and more broadly to encourage evaluation of anti-racism activities and credibility to those conducting effective programs.
  3. Focus on both local and national antiracism activities. Localised initiatives make the issue real for people. Large-scale initiatives build much-needed momentum. Both are important because they complement each other.
  4. Provide evidence-based racism prevention information about why it is important to speak up against racism, with tips on how to do this successfully in face-to-face and online situations. The provision of such information should take account of social marketing principles.
  5. Prioritise racism prevention in areas that have the most influence in shaping public opinion, for example online, in the media, and in sport.

A copy of our submission is available to download from the campaign website.

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