Agent C – Case Study

In February 2023, All Together Now published a report (see below) detailing the result of the Agent C Project Pilot, as independently evaluated by Urbis. 

According to Urbis the Agent C Pilot was “a highly impactful project” as it had “successfully achieved all four of its intended outcomes, through delivering highly topical and applied content to young people in an engaging way.”

With the majority of participant survey results consistently in the high 80% to 90% range, All Together Now was very pleased with the results of the Agent C Project Pilot evaluation. As a result, we are very confident that the Agent C program can create real social impact and enhance community resilience against hateful misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories. Read the full report below.

Based on our Pilot Project evaluation, All Together Now also published an article in SCAN, a peer refereed online journal offering articles about quality learning, teaching ideas, research and emerging trends published by the NSW Department of Education. The article was published in February 2023 and focuses on the results and impact of the Agent C program in schools across NSW to date.  

All Together now is currently also building on its “Agent C” work and creating brand-new resources for teachers, educators, parents and frontline workers in Australia aimed at building their skills to recognise and respond to young people who are engaging with hateful misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories. These resources will be available throughout 2023. If you want to be kept up to date about the new resources, please subscribe to our newsletter or contact us via [email protected] to pre-book a training session!