We create genuine, long-term partnerships with corporations, SMEs, government agencies, education institutions and other organisations that want to make an impact on racism prevention in Australia. Support from these partnerships include in-kind provision of goods or services, funding, and cross-promotion. We currently have over 20 business partners and supporters.

All Together Now is an attractive organisation for your organisation to partner with because we have developed a sound governance structure, our people are experienced in this area of work, our practice is informed by a cross-disciplinary group of academics and practitioners around Australia, and we approach our work in a professional manner. Further, donations over $2 to the All Together Now Public Fund are tax deductible.

If your organisation has a genuine interest in preventing racism and would like to work with us, please get in touch.

Case study: Europe in a Box

Europe in a box logo

The special thing about travel is how we are able to recall a smell or a taste that reminds us or takes us back to a place where we once were. Europe in a Box is a way of sharing these experiences through cuisine.

Europe in a Box promotes cultural diversity and celebrates European-Australian cross-cultural exchange. The service is designed to connect armchair travellers and kitchen adventurers with the flavours of Europe from the comfort of their own homes in Australia through a monthly subscription service.

Packed with delicious authentic treats, educational, cultural and culinary information, Europe in a Box brings new flavours directly to your doorstep. Highlighting several European culinary destinations each month, the subscription service provides an ever-changing mix of hand-picked gourmet foods and drinks.

Europe in a Box is also a business with a conscience. In addition to promoting cultural diversity, the company encourages green and sustainable practices as well as philanthropy. Becoming a member of Europe in a Box is a way to discover great food for a great cause.

Europe in a Box donates two percent of every sale to All Together Now, the only national charity in Australia that is dedicated to tackling racism issues. By doing so, Europe in a Box and All Together Now are able to have a joint impact on promoting the prevention of racism.

Our Partners

Thanks to the support from these fantastic organisations, All Together Now has been able to maximise the value from our donations and grants to extend our social impact.