Am I At The Right Place?

White supremacy & far-right extremism concern me

Thank you for taking the first steps in addressing your concerns about a growing issue that confronts us all.

You most likely have many reasons why you have chosen to educate yourself and do something about this issue and you might find that:

  • You are here because you are concerned about an individual who you believe is falling under the influence of a far-right or white supremacist group.
  • You worry that exposure to far-right narratives could influence ‘at-risk’ individuals into adopting extremist beliefs or even result in violence.
  • You are a concerned parent, friend, teacher, healthcare professional, community or social worker, member of law enforcement or any other concerned member of the community
  • You have a genuine desire to promote and contribute towards peaceful and cohesive communities.

How we can help

Research shows that the adoption of extremist views is a gradual process, which is best responded to early. Involvement in far-right or white supremacist groups has resulted in harmful costs to the individuals such as:

  • breakdown of relationships with family and friends
  • loss of employment
  • involvement in criminal activity and gaining a criminal record
  • living a life dominated by anger, hatred and violence.

It can be very difficult for an individual to leave a far-right extremist or white supremacy group. People within the community who are in regular contact with the individual are ideally placed to notice changes in a person’s behaviour and to intervene early. The resources contained within this website are designed to empower community members to feel confident in responding to signs that an individual is adopting far-right extremist and white supremacist views.