Some people believe that only “white” nations are expected to open their borders to immigration while “non-white” nations are not.

People who use this argument refer to “white” nations as those with a white majority like Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom while nations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East are “non-white”.

This is an argument of convenience, not fact. It’s convenient to ignore that many white people live in countries like Australia, United States and Canada where the Indigenous populations were forced to open their borders.

It’s also convenient to ignore that there are many “non-white” countries that have been colonised by “white” people. India, Singapore and Hong Kong are examples of this.

Most convenient is to ignore that many nations – not just “white” nations – allow and welcome immigration from both “white” and “non-white” groups. Among the nations with the highest net migration rate are Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Bahrain, and Djibouti – all of which currently accept more immigrants than Australia.

So when we read or hear arguments by racist extremists like this:

Keep on the attack. Keep demanding from them why ALL and ONLY white nations must go multiracial – because anti-racism is anti-white.

we know that this is factually incorrect. It tells us more about the person saying this than it does about Australia’s immigration policies! People with this view want to keep the social, economic and political privileges that they believe rightfully belong to white people and ignore the fact that immigration is of great benefit and, in fact, necessary for the prosperity of a country like Australia.

For a deeper understanding of this topic, please read  Sanderson, M. A. (2013). Does Immigration Promote Long-Term Economic Development? A Global and Regional Cross-National Analysis, 1965–2005. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 39(1), 1-30.