Racism is a combination of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, including:

*    believing your race is superior to another race;

*   offensive or aggressive behaviour towards somebody because of their race;

*   believing some groups do not fit in Australia;

*    actively avoiding or excluding people from a specific cultural background because you believe they don’t belong; or

*    believing everyone should behave according to certain values which are called ‘national’ but are not.

So racism is not just about treating people unfairly due to their skin colour, it is also about treating people unfairly due to their ethnicity or ethnic identity, cultural background or practices (including religion), and nationality.

The alternative view to racism is to understand that everybody has individual characteristics. As humans, we all share differences and similarities, and so people should be treated based on their unique merits rather than their skin colour, nationality, or cultural background.

Racism can be a belief or behaviour by an individual, a group, or an institution. All Together Now currently focuses on racist beliefs and behaviours of individuals, noting that any person regardless of skin colour or ethnic background has the capacity to be racist.