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#EraseRacism at the football this weekend

Football Federation Australia (FFA), Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) and Australia’s only national anti-racism charity, All Together Now, have joined forces once again in the fight against racism.

Following last year’s inaugural ‘Erase Racism Round’, the joint initiative will see Round 22 of the Hyundai A-League host this season’s round.

Football is Australia’s most multicultural sport, the ‘Erase Racism Round’ is aimed at highlighting the commitment of the players and the Hyundai A-League to ensuring that there is no place for racism in Australian Football or in the broader community.

“Unfortunately, one in five Australians was a target of racial abuse last year,” All Together Now’s Managing Director, Priscilla Brice, said. “To change this, we need to teach people that racism is unacceptable. Football is a good place to start. The Erase Racism Round certainly helps to get the word out that there is no place for racism in football.”

All Together Now ambassador and Adelaide United forward Bruce Djite said the Erase Racism Round gave the players an opportunity to play a positive role in fighting racism.

“Tackling racism is the responsibility of all and the players are eager to play their part in helping society to do so,” said Djite.

“Diversity and Multiculturalism has brought immeasurable benefits to Australia and the Erase Racism Round is a way we can highlight that to all.”

Head of the Hyundai A-League, Damien de Bohun said the Erase Racism Round once again highlighted football’s commitment to tackling racism.

“Football is an inclusive sport played by a diverse range of people all over the world. It is a common language, regardless of a person’s background or ethnicity, that people from all walks of life can relate to each other through ,” De Bohun said.

“The Hyundai A-League is again proud to support the Erase Racism Round to highlight the fact that there is no place for racism in Australian football.

“The multicultural nature of Australian football has played a huge role in the success of football and initiatives such as Erase Racism Round are an appropriate platform to support multicultural members of the Football Family.”

PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said the players were determined to build on last season’s Erase Racism Round. “Our members are determined to ensure that football is free from racism,” said Vivian.

“The Erase Racism Round gives players and football supporters across Australia the chance to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and the enormous benefits that have resulted from it and we encourage all football fans to donate to ensure All Together Now can carry on with their fantastic work.”

For PFA media enquiries contact PFA Media and Communications Manager Beau Busch on +61 (0) 432763485 or via [email protected]

For FFA media enquiries contact FFA Media Operations Manager Adam Mark on +61 (0) 409 390340 or via [email protected]

For All Together Now media enquiries contact Managing Director Priscilla Brice on +61 (0) 423180446 or via [email protected]

Let’s keep the world game, the world game!

A huge thank you to everybody who supported the Erase Racism football round last weekend!

Football (or soccer if you prefer!) is widely regarded as Australia’s most multicultural sport, and known as the world game. For this reason, this joint initiative between All Together Now, the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) and the football Players Federation of Australia (PFA) aimed to highlight that racism has no place in football or Australian society.

Unfortunately since the Erase Racism round, a player has allegedly racially abused Ali Abbas on the field. Ali Abbas is one of the players featured in our Erase Racism film created for the Erase Racism round:


If the FFA’s investigation finds that Ali Abbas was racially abused, they need to penalise the player who said the racist slur so that all players and fans understand that racist behaviour is not condoned. This action will be in line with their commitment to the Erase Racism round.

It is great that Ali Abbas had the ability and courage to bring this incident to light, and we’d like to think that our Erase Racism message helped in some way. It is also vital for bystanders to speak out against racism where ever it happens.

In Australia there’s a small minority of people who perpetuate interpersonal racism. People who say racial slurs overestimate the number of people around them who agree with their point of view. By speaking up, you can play a part in making interpersonal racism unacceptable. When you do this the perpetrator is much less likely to say something racist in the future.

Welcome Bruce Djite – our new ambassador

Welcome to our new ambassador, Bruce Djite, Australian professional footballer who currently plays for Hyundai A-League club Adelaide United.

All Together Now is proud to welcome Bruce as a new ambassador in its fight to erasing racism in Australia. Racism happens regularly in sport in general and in football in particular – in Europe, FIFA has taken serious actions to try to prevent it from happening.

Born in Washington D.C. (US), Bruce moved to Sydney when he was three years old. His father, a renowned Professor at the University of Western Sydney, was born in Ivory Coast and his mother in Togo. Coming from a multilingual family and being a rising star in the soccer world, Bruce decided to support All Together Now to take a stand against racism.

“Racism is an issue that I am very passionate about. It’s important for myself to speak out about racism and try to educate people on the immeasurable benefits diversity and multiculturalism bring to our society.”

Bruce has represented the Australian national team (Socceroos) on nine occasions playing in Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers. He’s also played abroad for clubs in Turkey and China. He currently plays in the A-League for Adelaide United F.C. and has played in three AFC Champions League campaigns with the club.

“Whether it be in the workplace, the community, one’s family or just amongst friends, I hope to bring more awareness to All Together Now and hopefully together, we can all make a difference and have a positive impact on society by eradicating racism.”