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Racism in Australia: April 2012

Racism in Australia – April 2012

A collection of stories from Australia about racism, curated by All Together Now

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Racism, anti-racism and multiculturalism as reported in the media…

Racism in Australia – SunriseWhat causes racism in Australia? Why do we accept it?
NSW opposition condemns 'racist' attackThe NSW opposition has condemned an alleged attack on Chinese students on a Sydney train, saying it's alarmed to hear claims it inclu…
'This city is so dangerous': outrage in China over Sydney train assaultA terrifying gang assault on Sydney train passengers has left two international students seriously injured and caused a media storm in Ch…
Chinese students brace for racismRacism is the one thing that every international student has to deal with at some point in their life in Australia, according to a Univer…
@SkyNewsAust Probably worth getting your panellists to research how often Muslims pray before making snotty comments about it.Marian Dalton
Anti-racism campaign to target middle AustraliaMIDDLE-CLASS people — rather than extremists who will never change their views — need to be the main target of a new national anti-raci…
Australian police accused of racism over shooting of Aboriginal joyridersA shooting by police at a car filled with six Aboriginal joyriders as it drove along a footpath in Sydney has prompted accusations of rac…
‘There is a crisis here, but nobody in authority acts as if there is…’ http://m.smh.com.au/national/our-communities-in-crisis-20120418-1x7ef.html Impact of racist policies on #Indigenous AusLuke Richmond
Me. RT @ABCthedrum: Why are we still surprised to see dark faces on TV? @foomeister discusses http://bit.ly/I6N4j5Fatima Measham
Bolt link to racist reviews of bookAndrew Bolt … link to Amazon. Photo: Justin McManus RACIST comments published on US book retailer website Amazon about an Aboriginal au…
The best way to get back at Bolt and his racist followers is to go out and buy Anita Heiss’ book!! “Am I black enough for you” #auspolDavidW2035
Racial taunts have never been worse in Ballarat: Lovett claims: ABORIGINAL elder Ted Lovett has spoken of racist… http://bit.ly/Ipzx7UThe Courier
fantastic “ethical dilemmas” podcast on how to deal with a racist friend: http://blogs.abc.net.au/sa/2012/04/ethical-dilemmas-how-do-you-deal-with-a-racist-friend.html via ABC AdelaideAll Together Now
Black Enough?sbslivingblack
Clear and rational discussion of multiculturalism by @TurnbullMalcolm in @THEMONTHLY. A must read for all politiciansPino Migliorino
Ben Polis- CEO and co-founder of Energywatch, lets his racism flow- via Herald Sun: http://pic.twitter.com/dEl5GjiYBill
Racist targets fashion victimsAustralia is a multicultural country. It may seem that Australians are mostly anglo-celtic (and Tasmanians particularly), but half of us …
Australian club cuts sponsor for racist remarksMELBOURNE, Australia – Melbourne Demons of the Australian Football League have ended their association with a major sponsor after a serie…
How about this for right wing bias in the media? Pretty much says boat people = terrorists #auspol #disgrace http://tiny.cc/9853bwJana Favero

Racism prevention…

New way to measure racism among youth – Monash UniversityA new tool has been developed to formally evaluate the effectiveness of anti-racism programs among Australian youth. Monash University Do…
did we mention we’re starting an anti-racism film project in Parramatta? follow #OneParramattaAll Together Now
Invitation – Expanding Conversations: Social Innovation, Arts and Anti Racism · AASRNRace Discrimination Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke and CHASS invite you to a forum exploring the links between behaviour change strategies i…
AIRWA – Walk in Her Shoes – Reflections on Australian Society – Part 3AIRWAorg
Talk about racismStarting a national conversation about racism in Australia
home – National Anti-Racism StrategyThe Australian Human Rights Commission has been asked by the Australian Government to lead the development and delivery of the National A…
Make sure you have a say. Fill in the Anti Racism Strategy survey at http://bit.ly/Hp9pFf. We need to hear your views.Helen Szoke
Cabra Crawl: Cabramatta food featured – Noodlies | a sydney food blog in Australia: food photo, food video, cabramattaDue to demand by Sydney food bloggers, noodlies put on a special tour just for them. Cabra Crawl is a food tour I designed just for food …

People thinking and talking about racism…

There are good and bad in all races. We need acceptance and stop racism #qanda IdeasWoman
Although we have a shameful history of racism – Australia has given multiculturalism a good go. Still room for improvement. #qandaFelicity Reynolds
#qanda Sudanese are under-represented in crime figures. Don’t pick on them just because they are visiblejulianburnside
Let’s accuse the minorities for not fitting in while we make it difficult for them to mix with us. #qanda #racismGreg Colby
My latest blog post on racial abuse towards Asians in Australia and facial creams. Read my letter to @nanistefanovic on http://theletterdrop.tumblr.com/Michelle Law
Racism is pathetic. Everyone’s the same on the inside.Zachary S Miller
“Don’t cover your faces. With a burqa. Australia likes to see pretty, pretty faces.” – Insane woman with elastic wrist band on Ipswich line.Michelle Law
Aamer Rahman: ANZAC DAY (Fear of a Brown Planet)foabrownplanet
Racism and extreme Nationalism has no place in this Global Community #LestWeForget #HumanRightsKen Sekiya
Al- What can we do as individuals to stop racism from happening?alltognow
How come some Australians can’t figure out the difference between ‘patriotism’ and ‘racism’?ploppy mcfartface
Why I believe it’s important to STOP RACISM http://youtu.be/s5_v-wGsa44 and MORE vids available on MY EXPERIENCES. Via @alltognowKRISTY BEST
Kristy – What can each of us do as individuals to stop racism from happening?alltognow
Kristy – Have you ever expected to experience racism but were welcomed and included instead?alltognow
Why is it that I can’t go by one morning here without hearing a racist jibe? My blood is boiling.ɐןןıɔɐu ןǝɥɔɐɹ
Citizenship for beginners | Inside StoryTHE 27th of January each year is a no-brainer for a newspaper editor with a little space to fill. Much like the proud snap of a loving mo…
Listening to a couple of racist, sexist, homophobic meathead kids have a conversation on bus. Very depressing Twitter.Owen Wrangle
J’Adore Jabour: Anna experiences some racismMy little sisters look like foreigners. Despite having an Australian born father who had Australian born parents we kids have ended up a …
racismi do my very best to ignore racism.. i encourage tolerance between all people sometimes when I see blatant racism or someone actively pro…
Do you think #racism is a problem in #Australia? Vote in our new poll now and tell us what you think. See http://bit.ly/A8HYNzTell Me Something
Pat Dodson reflects in @newmatilda on the difficult push to end constitutional racism . http://bit.ly/I0UzqS #auspol #auslawSenthorun Raj
Going to Chinese restaurants and being racist: the great Australian tradition. #whatiswrongwithyoupeopleTim Roylett
I don’t know how people can even be bothered to be homophobic and racist, such a waste of energy, have a biscuit instead.Emily Heath ϟ
ARE WE IN DENIAL ON RACISM?What should Australians do to prevent and reduce racism? I have released a consultation document as part of the process of developing a N…
Lecture 3: James Arvanitakis talks about race (Intro to Sociology)jamesarvanitakis
Ben – have you encountered racism?alltognow
Anti-social racism in social media is unwise and illegalBy MARK PEARSON Follow @Journlaw Two recent cases stand out as examples where racist commentary has landed online writers in legal troubl…
Um, so this is pretty much a return to the White Australia policy? http://bit.ly/HB0OP3Osman Faruqi
People who behave in a racist manner are in the minority. Let’s keep it that way – please support All Together Now to promote the prevention of racism in Australia.

Racism in Australia: March 2012

Racism in Australia – March 2012

A collection of stories from Australia about racism, curated by All Together Now

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Racism, anti-racism and multiculturalism as reported in the media…

Leadership needed to curb Aussie racism, expert warnsSubscribe Now AUSTRALIANS are “frightened'' to discuss evident racism in communities and need greater leadership, Race Discr…
Group denies racism behind opposition to Muslim schoolA GROUP which opposed plans for a Muslim school in the city's outer north has denied that racism and religious intolerance motivated …
For perspective – number of asylum claims in the US in 2011 = 74,020. In Australia – 11,510.Latika Bourke
‘Migrant boost could help NSW’ : World News Australia on SBSDeputy Premier Andrew Stoner says “high value migration” has a critical role to play in lifting productivity in NSW.
Australia: Former PM Paul Keating slams racist tone of asylum seeker debate @australian http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/immigration/paul-keating-slams-racist-tone-of-asylum-debate/story-fn9hm1gu-1226307691792Anne O’Donoghue
NT intervention like Apartheid: lawyersPlans to extend the NT intervention in remote Aboriginal communities for another decade are akin to Apartheid in South Africa, a lawyers …
Indigenous greatness obscured by stereotypesAS racial issues bring the AFL to boiling point, former Port star Che Cockatoo-Collins says the furore reflects a wider problem that goes…
Listen: Demetriou says the AFL recruiting officer who made racist comments should “start looking for another job”. http://www.3aw.com.au/blogs/breaking-news-blog/demetriou-labels-comments-completely-stupid/20120316-1v98d.html3AW #Melbourne
Sky News: Racism still ‘touchy’ subject, says SunUpdated: 20:49, Tuesday March 13, 2012 Gold Coast’s Joel Wilkinson says his AFL experience of being racially abused shows the inclination…
Racist vandalism disfigures cemetery Local Gold Coast News | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaNikki Todd | 12:01am March 8, 2012 Kerrie Green, Sharon Phillips and Leweena Williams can’t believe the desecration at Fingal Head cemeta…
Social media again proves army’s undoing – Communications – News – ZDNet AustraliaA failure in social media education on behalf of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has led to yet another public embarrassment for the o…
Sexist, racist culture is ADF’s undoing, not social media. RT @zdnetaustralia: Social media again proves army’s undoing http://bit.ly/zPymRTAsher Wolf
$3bn hit to economy as foreign students slumpTHE value of international students to the Australian education sector has collapsed by 20 per cent as the high dollar gouges an industry…
Convicted Asian-Australian army major fights for careerAn Asian-Australian army major working in the Defence legal unit has been court-martialled for confronting a senior civilian employee abo…
This is unbelievable #racism: Convicted Asian-Australian army major fights for career http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/convicted-asianaustralian-army-major-fights-for-career-20120304-1uatj.html via @brisbanetimesNareen Young
Bloody Daily Telegraph front page screaming headline about burqas. Nothing sells like racism. Xenophobia Times better name. #auspolDavidW2035

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

How was your #HarmonyDay? Great time to celebrate diversity and battle #racism, says @HelenSzoke http://bit.ly/GENdegAusHumanRights
Here’s the article I wrote for SBS on Harmony Day.I wrote about my experiences & thoughts on racism.What r ur thoughts? http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1635809/Views-What-multiculturalism-means-to-youL-FRESH The LION
Celebrate our cultural diversity in the workplace on HARMONY DAY which encourages us to stamp out racism. #newsroom2DayFM 104.1
As part of Harmony Day, SBS asked me to blog about my experience of racism in Australia: http://bit.ly/GGHwcxPearl Tan
Throwing the spotlight on racist behaviour is important for dealing with it #insightsbsJonathan Brown
Happy #HarmonyDay! We are having a Taste of Harmony morning tea to celebrate. You can find out what’s happening here http://www.harmony.gov.auKate Lundy

How do we discuss racism in Australia?

Want to know how to discuss racism in Australia? http://rightnow.org.au/writing-cat/article/how-should-we-discuss-racism-in-australia/ (by @alltognow)Right Now
Don’t let that racist colleague/friend/relative make you feel uncomfortable anymore… say something!… http://fb.me/1G44O0cGnNSW Reconciliation
‘Let each of us take seriously our personal responsibility to create constructive conversations about #racism in Aust. society’ – @alltognowMickey Kovari
How to discuss #racism, ‘honest & forthright disagreement vital to changing attitudes & improving behaviour’ http://bit.ly/yy7ctq @alltognowMickey Kovari

Racism prevention…

Online survey to tackle racismworldnewsaustralia
Get involved – National Anti-Racism StrategyWe need your ideas to assist in building a strong interest and momentum in the development of a National Anti-Racism Strategy for Austral…
Call on all Aussies to fight racism : World News Australia on SBSFederal Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke is calling on all Australians to battle racism in their community.
How can we prevent racism? 1st of our interview series on racism: Race Discrim Commissioner @helenszoke says… http://vimeo.com/37998711All Together Now
Students take stand against racismIt was hosted by Education Minister Chris Bourke, who identifies as Aboriginal himself and said there was too much denial over racist iss…

People thinking and commenting about racism…

@SMinney “I don’t want to sound racist, but…” Get me a cricket bat.Julie
Last night’s racist, ignorant, reactionary ranting by a florid Englishman in the pub just undid all my warmth to the general population.gerlzilla
Am I Black Enough For You? by Anita HeissBuy this book from a local independent bookseller. Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about this book. Embed this book sample in y…
The stories that us at NGOs want to get heard are for the people that aren’t listening, what can the media do for us?#NGOMediaForumReconciliation Aus.
Also think in this day and age, racism shouldn’t be an issue any more. #movingforwardDavid
Omar – how would you discuss racism?alltognow
My Good Weekend piece on Asian dudes in the sexual ecosystem is online now via @DailyLifeAu. http://www.dailylife.com.au/life-and-love/love,-sex-and-realtionships/racebased-attraction-20120326-1vta1.htmlBenjamin Law
@TenutoTuo It’s always the way though, it’s easier to blame it on the head of government than admit endemic racism in Australian culture.Tim Roylett
Interesting how infrequently ‘edgy’ comedians take on major “politically correct” elephants in the room. E.g., “Australia is not racist.”Alexis
#MalcolmFraser on refugees: ‘The majority of Australians are [not] racist but the gov. has behaved as though we are’ http://media.theage.com.au/news/national-times/interview-with-malcolm-fraser-3158514.html?rand=1332712802828Martin Nguyen
Are you a victim of microaggression?Ja’mie King: “Wife beaters and rapists are nearly all public school educated. Sorry, no offence.” Maybe it’s the dim lighting, or maybe i…
“I’m Greek. Can I turn up to the white nationalist Hammered music festival in Brisbane next month?” http://www.vice.com/read/peace-be-upon-you-with-john-safran @VICE @JohnSafranAll Together Now
22% Expats in Australia feel lonelyCultural differences in Australia are very much in vogue at the moment with a number of Indian expats suggesting that racism had begun to…
Hey peeps today is Close the Gap day – that’s what we desperately need – the gap to close!Liz
Having a shopkeep say “Oh hi again” in a store you’ve never been to and wondering if that’s racist.Michelle Law
what could be more important than making sure that the document at the highest level of our legal system does not discriminate against raceMason Peter
#qanda The slenderness of our own claim to Australia is the source of our racism. Genius.Jane Caro
“Racism is a denial of human relationship”: Race Discrimination Commissioner @HelenSzoke over at @rightnowinc http://bit.ly/wOFfi0Castan Centre
my BFF’s lack of tact toward her thought process never ceases to amaze me e.g “I don’t mean to be racist, but…” #vocalunawarenessjem
Aus bricklayer employment ad says “No Irish” need apply > on Gumtree http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Australian-bricklayer-employment-ad-says-No-Irish-need-apply–142442405.htmlAll Together Now
Had a great taped interview with @alltognow #giveracismthefinger Are you following these guys? You should!KRISTY BEST
There’s a difference between shutting down discussions on racism w/ argumentative individuals & shutting down all discussion on racismRan-Dee
I feel like I gotta tip toe around shit when talkin about racism in this country. That can’t be right.james blah
What does the term ‘Aussie’ constitute? Can one of ethnic descent ever call themselves ‘Aussie’ without being questioned? I hope so one day.Mabel Kwong
Racism – I hate the word : it glorifies and overshadows behavior that is better attributed to Jealousy, Immaturity, Arrogance, Ignorance…Ken Sekiya
@leesawatego Ditto! My policy: racism = unfriend, diff. opinions = stay friends. I use it to challenge myself to see/respect diff. opinions.Tiffany Williams
I’ve started doing instant unfollows of people who make sexist/racist/homophobic comments. Also, whingers. Curating my space FTW.lisa dempster
People who behave in a racist manner are in the minority. Let’s keep it that way – please support All Together Now to promote the prevention of racism in Australia.

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