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We currently have multiple volunteer and paid positions available at All Together Now.

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Paid Positions: CAPE Project

Our ground-breaking Community Action for Preventing Extremism (CAPE) project was established in 2012 to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of young men who were attracted to white supremacy. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and remains the only project of its kind in Australia. The project’s focus in NSW over the next four years will be to interact directly with white nationalists online to challenge their beliefs, and to establish and support a volunteer youth network that will challenge white nationalist activity across the state.

There are currently three paid positions available for this project. They are:

Youth Worker

Communications Coordinator

Administrative Officer

Please click the links to learn out more about each role. If you are interested in any of the paid or volunteer positions please send your resume in to [email protected] .

Please be aware that only those who have made the shortlist will be contacted in regards to their applications.


Responding to white supremacy

Exit is an All Together Now project that works to prevent and reduce the recruitment and growth of white power groups active in Australia. Once involved, the cost to an individual can be very high and leaving the white supremacist group can be very difficult. For this reason, early intervention is crucial.

In addition to working directly with young people at risk of joining a white supremacy group, Exit also provides advice to friends, family and community workers who have concerns about a person becoming involved in the movement.
Exit guide cover

Responding to White Supremacy: A Guide for Frontline Workers was created with the support of the Australian Attorney General’s Department and is suitable for all frontline workers, including youth workers, counsellors, psychologists, social workers and teachers.

It provides information about the white supremacist movement in Australia and strategies for responding to someone who is involved in, r at risk of becoming involved in the white power movement including information on:

  • the white supremacist movement in Australia;
  • why people get involved in white supremacy and who is most at risk;
  • how white supremacy groups operate;
  • the radicalisation process and how to recognise it; and
  • assisting someone involved/at risk of involvement in white supremacy group.

If you would like a copy of the guide, please contact us on [email protected].