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Dr Cornel West and a theory for change

“Justice is what love looks like in public.” What could you expect from an Evening with Dr. Cornel West? He is a man who is a theologian, philosopher, poet, author of 20 books, and a love warrior. His real, truthful and revolutionary philosophies reverberate in the changeable and mood swinging beats of jazz and blues

Interview with Suren Jayemanne

Last week, we caught up with Suren Jayemanne, an up-and-coming comedian from Melbourne. He has been a practising comedian for the last four years, and has participated in major events such as the Melbourne Festival’s Comedy Zone. He now lives in Sydney, where he recently participated in the Sydney Comedy Festival to sold-out shows. Critics have

Interview with Jen Carnovale

All Together Now caught up, in an interview, with Jen Carnovale ahead of her appearance at the organisation’s 5th Anniversary event to let us know the background to her comedy work and why she is able to discuss topics like racism in a funny, receptive and easy manner with her audience. Who is Jen Carnovale? Jen

Interview Transcript: Jen Carnovale

  Transcript: All Together Now: Jen, you’re a comedian and you are going to be working with All Together Now on our Firth Year Anniversary [event], so we would just like to discuss with you a bit about why you wanted to be involved in the anniversary celebrations? Jen: Well Jennifer Wong originally told me