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Australia Day or Invasion Day?

As another Australia Day approaches, our country’s past remains an uncomfortable subject. Australia Day is an opportunity to come together to reflect on our history, value our diversity and celebrate that we are all Australian. Unfortunately, this day is generally accompanied by a lack of awareness, conversations and understanding of what the day symbolises to Indigenous Australians. January 26th is

Racism in Australia in 2014

All Together Now welcomes the release of the 2014 Mapping Social Cohesion report. Each year the Scanlon Foundation commissions research to measure Australian attitudes on social cohesion, immigration and population issues. The research shows the levels of racism in Australia compared to previous years.

An Easy Guide to Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is when members of the dominant culture use symbols and elements of the minority culture, usually in a manner that is misinformed and ignorant of the cultural symbols purpose. The following are some examples of cultural appropriation which we may encounter in our everyday lives. Trends Fashion fluctuates and designers love to seek