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Is there such a thing as “race”?

The concept of “race“ has always been highly discussed and considered as controversial. Indeed, some people deny the existence of race. However, some Anthropologists and Sociologists employ this term as well to define humanity and categorise people according to their ethnic background. So, is there such a thing as “race”? A society differentiates itself from

Halal or No Halal? That is the question.

Many products with the halal stamp are in fact products void of any animal products or by-products. This is the case for yoghurt, milk, vegemite or biscuits products. Previously consumers would have seen them as vegetarian products. This is part of a trend to replace animal rennet or gelatin with vegetable by-products due to health concerns around the fat and sugar content levels in too many products in the market.

Summary of ATN x Churchill Fellowship

This year, Priscilla Brice, receiver of the 2013 Churchill Fellowship and Managing Director of All Together Now, researched the factors which make non-profit racism prevention initiatives effective in Poland, Belgium, France, UK, and USA. One of the most notable findings was the extent to which the socio-political will to address racism in a country affects the success