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All Together Now: Annual Report 2013-2014

Last night, All Together Now, held its annual general meeting in the presence of its board, members and supporters. It was an opportunity to review our recently released annual report and recognise the anti-racism achievements during the 2013-14 financial year. In the Chairperson’s report, Kylie O’Reilly highlights some of these key achievements including: Our Exit

Inequality in Indigenous Education

  Over 200 years have passed since European colonisation and still Australia’s Indigenous population remain unequal to that of the rest of the society in education. It is time for Australia to recognise this inequality and for society and its politicians to make proactive conscious efforts to rectify the problem. Statistics in 2007 showed that

Racism disrupts students’ education

All Together Now is concerned with racist attitudes and behaviours that are present in Australian schools creating a culture that sees ‘casual’ racism as being normal.   Recognising racism in schools Racism occurs in explicit forms such as name-calling, teasing, exclusion, verbal abuse and bullying. It is also commonly and indirectly presented through prejudiced attitudes,

A Day of Blog Action: Solidarity to end inequality

All Together Now signs up to Blog Action Day to show international solidarity in working to bring awareness to and to end inequality.