Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Real Beauty Race

There is a race to find the perfect concept of beauty. Who has the key to the perfect idea of beauty? Or do we all just want what someone else has? And what role does the media play in defining this beauty?

Global strategies for racial equality

Priscilla Brice has written a report on the findings of her Churchill Fellowship.

10 signs of casual racism

While everyone is quick to recognise overt racism when we see it—we share it on social media and read about it in the news—many of us overlook a subtle form of racism that’s often disguised as a joke, stereotype or subconscious decision we make. Here are 10 signs you might have inadvertently done something ‘casually’ racist…

Everyday Racism Project Wins Prestigious Award

The Intercultural Innovation Award is a partnership between the UNAOC and the BMW Group that aims to select and support the most innovative grassroots projects that encourage intercultural dialogue and cooperation around the world.