Monthly Archives: March 2014

Proposed changes to racial vilification laws

All Together Now is concerned about the proposed racial vilification laws which the government released yesterday. Lets not forget the Racial Discrimination Act as it currently stands has been an important foundation for this success and this is why it is key for such protections to remain.

Racial Discrimination Act – Legalising Hate Speech

The government has indicated it intends to make racist hate speech, racist publications and racial slurs legal in Australia. This goes against the very grain of Australian society, as a place where people from all cultures can feel safe and respected. Some proposed changes were mooted last week in The Australian stating that section 18C

The origins of Harmony Day may surprise you

The 21st of March this year will mark the 15th year that Harmony Day has been celebrated in Australia. Since its inception, the main message of this day is “Everyone Belongs,” a very pro-multiculturalism motto. 

A migrant’s welcome to Australia

Australia rolled out the orange carpet for me, the weekend that I landed in Sydney with my baby on my hip, a stressed new migrant from South Africa. Wherever I seemed to look, on that first Sunday, were orange adverts and posters celebrating multi-culturalism and diversity, and welcoming migrants. I felt like I had arrived

Let’s keep the world game, the world game!

Unfortunately since the Erase Racism round, a player has allegedly racially abused Ali Abbas on the field. Ali Abbas is one of the players featured in our Erase Racism film created for the Erase Racism round.

International Women’s Day

Over the weekend we saw the celebration of women all around the world with International Women’s Day. It is an acknowledgement of achievement of women everywhere, striving for female empowerment in both public and private sectors of their lives. However, within this unified agenda that focuses on the advancement of women, we must recognise that