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I’m not racist, but…

Join us for Reconciliation Week and watch Nazeem Hussain (Fear of a Brown Planet), Jennifer Wong (comedian), Benson Saulo (UN Youth Ambassador), Helen Szoke (Race Discrimination Commissioner) and Steve Cannane (ABC) talk about “I’m Not Racist, But…”

Lauren’s experience of racism in Australia

Lauren recently shared her experiences of racism in Australia with us:

Have you encountered racism?

Lauren told us about her experience with racism that taught her “its really important to stand up for yourself and your cultural identity”.

Have you expected racism but were welcomed instead?

Racism in Australia: April 2012

Racism in Australia – April 2012

A collection of stories from Australia about racism, curated by All Together Now

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Al – what can we do to stop racism?

Ever wondered what you can do to stop racism? Al told us what he does “Don’t ignore it, call it what it is”.

This interview was filmed for our Talk About Racism project.

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Kristy Best talks about racism

Kristy Best recently spoke with us about her experiences of racism in Australia, check out what she has to say:

Why is it important to stop racism?

Were you ever expecting racism but were welcomed instead?