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Ticket giveaway: This Must Be The Place

Sean Penn plays Cheyenne, a bored, retired, wealthy American goth rock star living in Dublin. He’s a complex character, bumbling around town with friends and living in an enormous mansion with his wife of 35 years, Jane (Oscar winner Frances McDormand). When he learns of the death of his father – who he has been estranged from for over 30 years – he returns to America to embark on a road trip that will change him forever looking for a Nazi criminal who humiliated his father. Penn is absolutely riveting in this film full of warmth, humour, profundity and lots of eye-liner 😉

Omar – have you encountered racism?

All Together Now asked Omar whether he had experienced racism and how it made him feel. Tell us what you think about our video!

Talk About Racism

All Together Now has launched a new video interview project Talk About Racism featuring Race Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke as the first interviewee.

All Together Now asked Dr Helen Szoke, Race Discrimination Commissioner from the Australian Human Right Commission her views what we as individuals can do to prevent racism. Tell us what you think about our video.

How should we discuss racism in Australia?

Article by Priscilla Brice-Weller and Yin Paradies | First Published March 8, 2012 for Right Now magazine

Anyone living in Australia who keeps up with current affairs would have noticed a recent increase in the amount of discussion around racism in both mainstream and social media. Everything has been covered from statements by politicians to slip-ups by sportspeople, through to the bigger questions about racism in Australia, including:

“Is Australia a racist country?”

(Yes and no, some people have racist attitudes and some people don’t)

“Is Australia more or less racist than other countries?”

(It isn’t a competition; racism is rife throughout the world. Australia is more tolerant than many countries but less so than some)

“Should [public figure] be sacked for racism?”

(Yes, but shouldn’t we be asking why our public figures are engaging in racism in the first place?)

Racism in Australia: February 2012