MEDIA MONITORING 2020 Infographic

Social commentary and racism in 2020.

A snapshop of our media monitoring results, 2019-2020.


From April 2019 – April 2020, we continued to collect racialised opinion pieces and analyse them via our media monitoring framework. During this period, we analysed a total of 315 pieces from Australian mainstream newspapers and television. Details of our methodology can be found on our Media Monitoring page.

This infographic presents an overview of the general findings.

The results shown in this infographic are based on a quantitative analysis of the data. The numbers demonstrate that mainstream opinion pieces continue to perpetuate negative depictions of racialised communities. Importantly, our research again shows the prevalence of covert racism in media opinion pieces. This indicates that language is evolving along with the changing media landscape to accommodate racist attitudes and language.

However, we know that numbers alone cannot explain how racism is circulated and perpetuated through the media. Therefore, our team continues to conduct a qualitative analysis, in partnership with community-based organisations and researchers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. The results of this analysis will be published in 2021.

An important thing to note is that our media monitoring focuses on the newspapers with the highest readership, according to Roy Morgan research, and television programs with the highest viewership according to TV Tonight ratings. This explains the overrepresentation of News Corporation newspapers in our sample size, and the monitoring of selected current affairs programs.

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