All Together Now’s Community Action for Preventing Extremism (CAPE) project (formerly known as EXIT White Power) works to undermine recruitment by white nationalists. Since October 2012 this ground-breaking project has focussed on preventing young people from becoming involved in white nationalism.

In the first year of the project, All Together Now created a website to counter white nationalist conspiracy theories. For further information, please see Tackling White Supremacy, Australian Style, All Together Now, JEX  Journal EXIT-Deutschland. Zeitschrift fur Deradikalisierung und demokratische Kultur. 2 (2013). Download at

In subsequent years, All Together Now has built relationships with former white nationalists, created a handbook for frontline workers (available on request), and engaged directly with people who hold extreme far-right views to challenge their understanding of the world and help them to engage their critical thinking skills.

In 2016 CAPE was awarded funding from Multicultural NSW. All Together Now will be expanding this program based on what we have learned during previous iterations of the project, and international best practice.